Kevin Shah: building better leaders through an Empathy Gym

Kevin, how did you begin your journey into entrepreneurship?

I’ve been working in tech my entire career. I came to America from India to get my electrical and computer engineering degree and eventually moved into product management. I lived in Florida for eight years with my husband before moving to Seattle. We liked Florida but felt like the area we lived in had no opportunities to grow and often preferred a conservative way of life.

And that’s how Jaago first came to mind?

Yes. I asked myself how we could reverse the division in our communities. I knew we needed more empathy, and I knew we needed to build it at scale.

What was it like beginning as an entrepreneur?

I remember boldly saying one day that I would never be a startup founder and never saw myself as that person. Making someone else’s idea happen was a strength I knew I possessed, but launching my own was something foreign in my mind.

What sets Jaago apart, in your opinion?

Jaago’s whole mission is to make DEI a daily practice. Just like you would go to a gym every day to better yourself, you strengthen your compassion and understanding by participating in our Empathy Gym daily.

What are the most significant issues facing the future of DEI initiatives?

The most significant difficulty in this space is not being able to go into areas where DEI is needed the most. Large corporations don’t understand their interpersonal connections by not addressing them. Narcissism, unfortunately, affects a lot of it.

You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn for the latest updates on Jaago and follow our blog on Medium for monthly founder stories.



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