Michael Diego’s vision to bring underrepresented content creators into the mainstream

Michael, could you tell us a little about why you started Wise Assistant?

I’ve always had pretty big aspirations. I studied journalism at UGA and at the time, I was fixated on movie making and video production. My first dream was to get into Hollywood, and with that degree, you get a lot of exposure to how media production evolves past mainstream entertainment. It got me excited in a few ways, and I was most interested in the ways media affects culture and society.

What professional experience did you have before launching your startup?

For a while, I worked for Hewlett Packard, managing teams of software engineers. Through that position, I had the opportunity to travel the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures.

What sets Wise Assistant apart, in your opinion?

The question that motivated my team and I is simple: how do we give content creators and influencers the tools to manage their entire brand or image?

What struggles did you face during your launch?

We built most of our team during COVID, which was difficult for many entrepreneurs. The biggest thing we struggled with was managing a remote team during an isolating and depressing time. We realized early on that we had to prioritize self-care for our team and customers.

How did you discover StartOut?

When I was in Europe, I checked out StartOut’s mentor program and instantly felt drawn to the sense of community among LGBTQ+ founders and business owners. After attending a few virtual events and meeting members in the Bay Area, I knew that StartOut would be a lifelong connector. One of our lead advisors happens to be a longtime StartOut member, and we’ve had such a positive experience with them.

How does Pride Month influence or motivate your work all year?

I’m gay, and our team is almost exclusively LGBTQ+. My team and I must support the community and surround ourselves with people we can connect to. I find it beneficial and inspiring to work with people I relate to beyond work.

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn for the latest updates on Wise Assistant and follow our blog on Medium for monthly founder stories.



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